Matthew is a natural born psychic empath, awakened spiritualist and energy master (Chi/Prana/PSI) with 33 years’ experience. He has dedicated his life to studies in philosophy, theosophy/theology, eastern studies, occult and Esoterica, as well as psychology and the sciences. Whether in ancient arcane scriptures or the fringe sciences, Matthew has a unique approach in that both science and mysticism are explaining the same thing, two different scripts telling the same story. For his full story and resume check out http://empathicguide.com/about-matthew/ 

Dedicated now to full time spiritual practice, his life’s mission or calling is to help people on their own journey using his unique gifts, extensive knowledge and deep understanding of spiritual scripture. Specializing mostly in all the eastern philosophies (Buddhism, Taoism, Zen, ect.) he combines the antediluvian with modern idealisms in his empathic readings, coaching, healing or simply in giving spiritual guidance. 

To schedule a reading, healing, coaching/guidance or even a consultation, please contact Matthew at 978-852-2894. If you have any further questions about Matthew’s services you can contact him at matthew@empathicguide.com or see a list of services at http://empathicguide.com/services/