Maggie Fiorella Winter
OTR/L, RYT 200 and Owner of Green Tea Yoga

Maggie began her dharma to help others early in life. At twenty one, she was on a journey as an Occupational Therapist working primarily with children on the spectrum. She had already started her on yoga practice and knew the magical shifts that were happening within. After implementing numerous yoga techniques with these specific children, she noticed a significant change with their level of concentration, body awareness and overall well being. Because of these profound effects, and her individual growth in her own practice, it inspired her to receive her Hatha Yoga 200hr training as well as a specific Certifications to become a Children’s Yoga Teacher and a Pre Natal Yoga Teacher. Maggie has always had a special interest with children who have sensory processing difficulties and is also certified by Color Me Yoga for working with Special Needs Children and Integrating Yoga and Other Mind/Body Techniques.

Maggie’s own difficulties with Chronic Lyme disease opened the doors to many fantastic energy healers. She knew in order to heal completely, the work that had to be done was not only on the physical plane but also healing our past wounds on an emotional and energetic level. Yoga and energy healing sessions go hand in hand to help support our well-being and to keep us grounded. Maggie loves to give energy healing sessions and is a certified Polarity Therapist, has her Reiki I and Reiki II certifications and has taken some workshops on the science of foot reflexology. Together, she combines these healing modalities to provide healing sessions for people.

Maggie loves life and expresses herself through dance, music, art and yoga. In her classes, Maggie encourages adults and children to explore and feel what is right for his/her body without being afraid to fall or make mistakes. She teaches a fun and lively class to all sorts of people and levels and makes a point to focus on personal growth and truth. She is so lucky to be doing what she is passionate about. She gives thanks and gratitude everyday for this opportunity.

Sally Millice
Certified Professional level Kripalu Yoga Teacher

Sally is Professional Level Yoga Teacher with a 500 hour certification from The Kripalu Center in Lenox, Massachusetts.   She encourages each student to work at his or her own level, practicing compassionate self- awareness.  Sally’s students enjoy (and are often amazed by) the discoveries they make while practicing breathing exercises, warm ups to build strength and muscle tone, and posture flow.  Students find encouragement and motivation as Sally weaves yoga philosophy and inspirational readings into her classes.  She welcomes beginners and more experienced practitioners alike to her class.

Julie Pottier-Brown
RYT 200  Yoga Teacher

Julie came to yoga 19 years ago while expecting her first child.  Luckily she was already fit as she walked right into the Astanga practice -  Julie holds a certificate in Embodyoga® Astanga, earned her RYT 200 credentials through Swallowtail Yoga School in 2010. She is currently studying at Yoga Center Amherst to earn her RYT500 in Embodyoga® (2016/17).  Deeply influenced by Body Mind Centering Julie also brings influences from Astanga, Iyengar, Kali Ray Tri Yoga Flows, and the Sivananda practice. Come to your mat, do your practice, come to your mat and you will come home to yourself.

Elaine Wintman
RYT E-500 hours, Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner
Founder, Swallowtail Yoga Teacher Training, Marblehead, MA

A teacher of teachers, Elaine is a longtime yoga practitioner (since the mid-1970s), teaching yoga full time since 1994. Her primary teacher is Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. She assists Bonnie and teaches in the BMC® and Yoga Program in Amherst and NYC. Elaine's classes focus on finding ease and comfort, breath, humor, alignment and presence. She uses experiential anatomy to help people experience the wisdom of their own bodies and to trust their own experiences. Yoga is an oasis, a life raft, a challenging physical/spiritual discipline, and a pleasure. It teaches us patience, gratitude, compassion and surrender. It helps us to find grace, joy, freedom, and our own lives, moment by moment. Elaine loves sharing this gift with others.  For more on Elaine, visit

Michelle Gallant
Professional Level Kripalu Certified Yoga Teacher

Michelle first discovered yoga in 1996 upon completing her training as a massage therapist.  She quickly realized that her existing exercise program coupled with giving massage was too taxing on her body.  Discovering yoga changed everything...  In 2002 Michelle became a
certified Kripalu yoga teacher.   She completed her 500 hour training through Kripalu
focusing on a branch of yoga called Pranayama.  Her primary teacher throughout, Michael
Carroll (Yoganand), taught her the depth practices of the Tantric traditions. Because of
her anatomical knowledge she has the ability of helping students address health concerns
in their bodies through the energetic practice of yoga.  Michelle lives and works in Salem
where she has raised her two daughters and established her massage/bodywork practice.

Jerry Urban Yoga Instructor, RYT

Have you ever come into something that you knew would change your life forever? This was yoga for Jerry. But it was not an immediate change or something readily apparent, at first. It was a slow and steady progression through years of practicing and quitting and practicing some more, slowly gaining little awakenings, transitions and transformations, and on occasion, even recognizing them. Each time he went away from yoga, there was always something bringing him back, usually a girlfriend. And then one day, it just stayed with him. And he's been thankful ever since. Though his primary influence is Shiva Rea, it would be hard to exclude any instructor that he's ever practiced with or any number of styles of yoga that he's touched upon. Inspiration comes in many different forms and occasionally it requires a change or shift to find where it's hiding. Each teacher sharing their inspirations and practice provides a new and different avenue of thought or perhaps, a new path to follow. So come and do a little digging with Jerry, you might like what you find.

Rebecca Plummer Rohloff  Yoga Instructor, RYT 500

Rebecca Plummer Rohloff is a Kripalu Certified instructor and has been practicing yoga for 12 years. In addition to teaching Yoga, she is a visual artist and professor of Art +Design at Salem State University where she coordinates the undergraduate and graduate art education programs. She lives in Salem with her husband and three kitties.

Liz Gruenfeld. Yoga Instructor RYT 200.
MSW, Ed. M

Liz believes in the power of yoga to transform our lives, our relationship to each other and the world around us. Liz first found yoga to rehab a college soccer low back injury; its eight limbs have sustained her throughout times of joy and mourning, as an athlete and artist, during graduate study, and working in conflict-affected areas globally. Liz has deepened her yoga practice over almost 20 years, on the west and east coasts, and is blessed to have studied vigorous as well as therapeutic styles with long-time teachers (Viniyoga: T.K.V. Desikachar, Gary Kraftsow, Kat Allen; Kripalu: Priti, Sudha, Devarshi; Samadhi: Kathleen Hunt; local teachers: Elaine Wintman & Marc St. Pierre). Liz blends compassion and physical rigor, cognitive framing and spirituality, therapeutics and creativity in her classes. She draws on her diverse experiences as a trauma-focused psychotherapist, intercultural arts educator, student of indigenous Hawaiian, Amazonian & Bornean shamanic healing, and PhD student. She aims for her classes to be trauma-informed, safe, and challenging for all levels, where students feel welcome to notice inner experience, and respond to it. She has taught on four continents, and values deep aliveness, embodied connection, and social and ecological justice. Come learn more about exploring, noticing, and partnering with your body, mind and spirit, exactly as you find yourself in the moment now. 

Mark Taylor, Yoga Instructor RYT 200

Mark has had a lifelong interest in fitness activities (running, weight lifting, rugby, rock climbing, sea kayaking). He has also enjoyed teaching throughout his adult life. He has taught technical subjects, was a sea kayaking guide for six years, and teaches a one-week Aviation Safety course at USC twice a year. Mark developed an interest in Yoga eight years ago. He practiced at home and at the GE Fitness Center. He also explored various Yoga styles and venues from Boston to southern New Hampshire. He completed Rasamaya Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training in September of 2009. Mark currently teaches Yoga at the GE Fitness Center in Lynn MA, at the Rasamaya Movement Center in Newburyport, MA, at Salem Parks and Recreation and at Green Tea Yoga, both in Salem, MA. Mark also teaches at the annual Rasamaya Yoga Retreat on Star Island in the Isles of Shoals. And, as a self-designed “volunteerism” activity, he teaches Chair Yoga at an assisted living center in Peabody, MA, where his students are typically 80 to 100 years of age. Mark has also completed Teacher Training in the following fitness disciplines: Aerial Fabric Yoga in August of 2010, Stationary Cycle in January of 2012, and Barre in March of 2013. 

Molly Madhuri Francis, Yoga Instructor RYT 200

I needed something that could calm my mind, take me into my body, help process all my emotions, and show me how to be my own best friend.  Yoga definitely was the answer at age 19 and still is 16 years later. I first began practicing with DVD’s and then started taking my first classes in college. I noticed that I felt more nourished emotionally and physically. It wasn’t until I went to New Zealand at 23 to work on organic farms that I discovered how vast the practice of yoga truly is. Shortly thereafter, I completed my 200 hour teacher training in North Carolina with David Beadle and Lisa Clark in hatha yoga with an emphasis on the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and BMC (body mind centering). I then went on to complete my 500 hour teacher training in Embodyoga® with Patty Townsend in Amherst, MA who also studied with Bonnie.  Embodyoga® focuses on all the mind-body systems (the organs, glands, muscles, bones, nervous system, cells, etc) as support for getting into asanas and thus it truly encourages people to feel their direct experience of a pose rather than trying to fit their body to what a pose “should” look or feel like.  I started teaching in 2007.  Since then I have completed Marc St. Pierre’s course in yoga called “The Path” which has helped greatly in accessing my strength through alignment and understanding yoga philosophy as it relates to asana and life.  I believe the biggest influence in my yoga practice and teaching is my spiritual teacher Amritanandamayi (commonly known as Amma), a world renowned saint from India. I am grateful to travel around the United States and Europe with Amma during her tours and travel to her ashram in India. Through her spiritual practices, service, and by being in her presence I have become more aware of the common essence inside of me and everyone and everything which I like to call love.  Things that make me happy include: Practicing and teaching yoga, feeling the bliss of meditation, connecting with friends, massages, dancing, swimming in the ocean, the sound of waves, flowers, traveling with and doing service work for Amma, witnessing the basic goodness and light in people, sharing a yummy meal with a loved one, kombucha, my family, walks in nature, and experiencing sweetness in the moments that make up life.

Kayla Proulx, Yoga Instructor RYT - 200

In 2014, the idea of yoga came about from her doctor to heal her anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Kayla took her first class at the age of 17 when her best friend, who worked at a local studio, recommended she take a class after an emotionally tough day. The connection she felt with herself, the relief, the emotional balance, and inner peace it brought kept her going back for more. As a born healer, Kayla grew up attracted to Western medicine through media influence--especially House M.D. After a year of premedical at MCPHS, stressful shifts in life, and realizations, she decided it was necessary to take a break from college to find and heal herself. She completed her 200-hour training with Larisa Forman and Vito Politano. She found a new beginning to her life. She let go of her life-long dream of becoming a physician's assistant and is now passionate about teaching yoga, exploring the realm of alternative medicine, and healing herself and others. 

Marilyn Whalen, Yoga Instructor RYT - 300
RN, MS Health Care

Marilyn has worked more than 30 years in various healthcare settings as a certified Rehabilitation Nurse. Marilyn has received over 300 hours of continuous ongoing yoga teacher training education at Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox, MA. In 2001, Marilyn became certified as a Cardiac Yoga Teacher. In 2016 Marilyn became certified in Yin Yoga. 

Marilyn has taught yoga in a variety of settings throughout her life. She has taught a gentle yoga class at Healthworks, Teaches a class called yoga for a better back at Lynn Union Hospital and has been a teacher at Prana Yoga, now called Green Tea Yoga since 1999. She has conducted numerous community classes and lectures on Yoga for "your health" and has been a guest speaker on cable TV on yoga specifically for senior citizens. Marilyn has over 4000 hours of teaching experience and is an amazing leader and top educator in the field of injury free yoga for everyone.

Angela Maione, Yoga Instructor RYT - 200 hr

I am an artist and a free spirit who began my journey on the path of yoga in 2005 looking for something to calm my anxiety, deepen my spiritual connection and help heal my broken heart. I began solely practicing hatha yoga for 5 years. I soon found it helped ease my mind yet it left me feeling like I needed something more. In 2012 I was called to practice Restorative yoga and alignment-based Iyengar. 200-hour Dharma Coach Yoga Teacher who studied with Kathyrn Whitney, RYT certified.

Through my study of self, I realized that yoga is for everyBODY. My desire is to empower and assist others to transform their lives for the better with the gift of yoga. Through the practice of yoga, the journey inward is a beautiful transformation that will allow your spirit to soar. When we lead with our hearts, we empower our soul.

Rachael Duda, Yoga Instructor RYT - 500 hr. Mental Health Provider

Rachael Duda, MA., has been guiding others through the journey of yoga for 10 years fusing her experience as a yogi, a mental health counselor, an energy practitioner, and a mystic of the heart. Rachael loves exploring nature and the cosmos, intrigued by the exchange between matter and energy, and she views yoga as a space and place to explore the ecology of the spirit to deepen connection with Self. She began teaching yoga on the island of Puerto Rico in 2008 and has since been riding the waves with Shiva Rea in Prana Vinyasa, in awe at the depth of all there is to learn. Rachael holds a masters degree in Holistic Mental Health Counseling from Lesley University, as well as certifications in Ayurveda, Reiki and Polarity Therapy. Additionally she has studied neuroscience, mindfulness and embodiment with Bo Forbes and has enjoyed learning from many incredible teachers in the yoga community. Rachael's classes offer creative sequencing to inspire individuals to investigate movement and breath, shift patterns, and be in the flow of all that is ever changing. She strives to inspire and empower others in their process of healing, transformation and expression in the world. She currently teaches in Boston and the North Shore, and continues working as a mental health provider with children and families in the community.